Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money Operating, AC And Heating Systems

Programmable Thermostats are easy to install and they do not contain mercury. Do not operate heating and cooling system when you are closed for business or at work. These thermostats are can be tamper proof. There are many kinds of programmable thermostats in a wide range of prices.


Many programmable thermostats need 24 volt power supply with a common. Your service contractor company may have to install new thermostat cable to operate the new thermostat. This will add to the cost of replacing the old thermostat. Other programmable thermostats use batteries to power the thermostat. However, this is not without some problems; if the batteries get weak the thermostat may lose it program.


Programmable thermostats have many ways to set up schedules: seven days all the operating hours this is fine for most businesses. Wake, leave, return and sleep schedules are good for residences. This allows you to set times and the temperatures for waking up, leave is for times and temperatures when the home is unoccupied, return is for the times and temperatures setting when you come back from work, Sleep setting is for times and temperatures when you are sleeping.

Tamper Proof Setting

Air conditioning and heating costs should be controlled by the people who pay the bills. If you are looking at replacing the thermostats for businesses, then the lock feature is a must have on the programmable thermostats. This allows the manager or owner to set the time and temperatures and lock the settings from being changed. This will add to the benefits and cost savings of operating the ac and heating systems.

Good for the environment

Many States have banned the sale of thermostats that contain mercury. Digital thermostats do not contain mercury and have all electronic parts. When old thermostats are replaced they must be returned to a recycling center.

Go with an established local company

There are many kinds of programmable thermostats in a wide range of prices, but only companies that have been in your area for a long time will know the climate and the HVAC needs of the customer. Local businesses have more of a stake in delivering the best service to their community.

Hire an HVAC service contractor that delivers these 5 things and you can lower your stores or home energy usage.

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