Heating System Maintenance Tips: Heat Pumps, Gas and Oil Heating Systems Heating Systems.

It happens every winter. It’s very cold outside and your heating system for your home or business goes down. Many businesses have old heating systems, and if they need major repairs, such as replacing heat exchangers, you many have to wait a long time for your heating system to be repaired. Some heat exchangers have a delivery time of four weeks.

When you hire the right HVAC repairs company, this should not happen to you or your business. A heating system maintenance program can prevent this by inspecting your heating system. Your service contractor should always include an inspection of heat exchangers.

Test the Heating System

This should be a standard part of any Heating system maintenance program. Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks. Test the heating system for operation. This can be a great way to save your business from a long down time in the winter, and for residential systems it can prevent carbon monoxide from getting in your living space.

Change belts and filters

This should be a standard part of any heating system maintenance service. Make sure your service provider uses pleated filters instead of the more common fiberglass filter. Pleated filters have more surface area so they can remove smaller particulate matter from the air. This is not only good for your indoor air quality but it also keeps other parts of the system from getting clogged up.

Heat Pumps

Your AC service contractor should test the heat pump to make sure that it turns on and off properly. They should also test to make the pressure and look for refrigerate leaks. An unrepaired refrigerate leak can mean that your heat pump unit doesn’t heat properly and it can lead to compressor damage, which means, very high electric bills!

Heat Pumps Condensing Units

Check outside unit. Remove all vegetation around the outside unit. Keep all snow from piling up and drifting around the outside unit. If you see ice forming on the outside unit, your Service Contractor should check the defrost cycle for your heat pump.

Go with an established local company

There are a lot of options out there, but only companies that have been in your area for a long time will know the climate and HVAC needs of the customer. Local businesses have more of a stake in delivering the best to their community.

Hire an HVAC service Contractor that deliver these 5 things and you won’t have to suffer when the cold weather comes to your area.

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