Service and repair tips for Commercial Ovens to keep your repair cost down Middleby Marshal , Cleveland and Blodgett pizza ovens

Cleaning all the air vents & filters can prevent the oven from overheating the controls and blower motors. Adjusting the conveyor belt can prevent the chain from jamming up. Check the burner and clean if the food is cooking slowly.

Cleaning the Glass and Burner

Cleaning the oven glass should only be done with soap and water. Do not use green pads or steel wool. Using such items will scratch the glass and make it cloudy. Do not spray chemical cleaner on the ceramic burners. These cleaners will clog up or dissolve the burners over a period of time. This can lead to very high repair bills to replace the burner.  

Check the Conveyor

Many times the drive side of the conveyor will show signs of wear. If you can repair the worn parts before they break you can save yourself some real down time. RJA Services, had a customer with two pizza ovens that had conveyors, and the shaft for both pizza ovens broke on the same day. We spent hours going back and forth to stores to borrow a conveyor, so they could sell pizzas over the weekend. Don’t let this happen to you!

Cooling Fan and Filters

Cleaning the cooling fan filters and fresh air intakes can save you service calls. These air intakes get clogged with grease, dust and need to be replaced or cleaned just like the filters in your furnace. When these filters are clogged there may be a lack of cooling air for the controls and the blower motors, thus causing the blower motor to shut down due to high temperature. You can purchase these filters at any hardware store.


Easy Things to Try First

When your oven fails to operate try a few simple things. Check the circuit breakers and fuses, and then make sure the oven is plugged in correctly. Inspect the outlet and cord cap for signs of burning. Then you can check the door safety switch and check the fuses inside the machine.

Go with an established local company

There are a lot of options out there, but only companies that have been in your area for a long time know the climate and customer’s needs. Local businesses have more of a stake in delivering the best service to their community.

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