Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Tips: Program to Lower Kilowatts Use AC Systems Annapolis

It happens every summer. Just as the temperature hits 100 degrees, AC Units seem to die by the dozens. Service contractors are overbooked and you have to wait in your hot, sweaty, uncomfortable home or business until someone finally has time to come help you. The worst part of it all is that, this never would have happened if you had kept up with your air conditioners maintenance.

When you hire RJA Services, you will not only be able to depend on your AC to keep you comfortable even on the hottest days, but you can also lower your energy bills and ensure that your air conditioning lasts for a long time. Here are the five things to look for when you hire an air conditioning maintenance service.

  • Change belts and filters

This should be a standard part of any AC maintenance service agreement. Make sure your service provider uses pleated filters instead of the more common fiberglass filter. Pleated filters have more surface area so they can remove smaller particulate matter from the air. This is not only good for your indoor air quality; it also keeps the evaporator from getting clogged up with dust.

  • Clean the condenser

Dirty condensers are the number one reason air conditioning unit's break. Your AC maintenance service company should include acid cleaning of the condenser as opposed to simply brushing or spraying the condenser off with water. Acid cleaning is the only way to really get the dirt out, and keep your system working

  • Test the system

Your AC service company should test the unit to make sure that it turns on and off properly. They should also test to make sure the refrigerant pressures are normal and look for Freon leaks. An unrepaired refrigerant leak can mean that your air conditioning unit is not cool properly and it can lead to compressor damage.

  • Check economizers

On cool days, economizers enable you to reduce your energy use and bills by bringing in outside air. Your AC service provider should routinely check that these are functioning correctly so you don't have to pay more than you need to operate your AC systems.

  • Go with an established local company

There are a lot of options out there, but only a company that has been in your area for a long time is familiar with the climate and your HVAC needs. Local businesses have a greater stake in delivering the best HVAC service to their community.

Hire an HVAC service contractor that delivers these 5 things, and you won't have to suffer when the heat wave hits.

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